While I originally trained as a chef, I’m now better known as a food writer as well as a presenter of Gourmet Farmer on telly. I have published several books over the years, including Lonely Planet’s World Food Guide to Italy, the introductory Kitchen Basics, and the feel good Weekend Cook. Below are the latest three publications. Personalised copies can be mailed on request.


The Real Food Companion

This is my take on what makes some food taste better than others, an attempt to empower cooks when they go out to shop. It answers questions you may never have thought to ask; such as what is “bred free-range” pork, and why isn’t it actually free-range? Is veal cruel? Why you should chop the green tops of your baby carrots the minute you get them home and why you shouldn’t throw out mussels that don’t open in the pan. This is the result of three years’ research and a lifetime’s worth of obsession with food. There are over 200 recipes and chapters are organised so you can dip in and out of topics at will.


Winter on the Farm

An evocative visual feast from Puggle Farm and the dishes we cook in winter. Think hot toddies, slow braised meats, hearty soups and things to eat while drinking hot tea. Nearly 90 recipes to fuel you through the cooler months and a glimpse of the glory that is a Tasmanian winter.


Never Order Chicken on a Monday

An autobiographical tale of how I went from being a badly dressed boy in Canberra to a badly dressed restaurant reviewer in the hotbed of gastronomic fashion, Sydney. It’s a very personal tale for those wanting to get into the industry, or interested in how restaurant food has changed (mostly) for the better in Australia over the last two decades.




The Gourmet Farmer Deli Book

This is the kind of food that Nick Haddow, Ross O’Meara and I like to make at home; real deli style products that taste completely unlike the mass produced stuff. We also give you recipes for how to use the products you make (or buy).


The Dirty Chef

This is my second memoir which came out in late 2013, the story of why and how I moved from the big smoke of Sydney to a small farm in Southern Tasmania, and all the joys, characters, dramas and work that come with country life. It celebrates living the rural dream, complete with all the humour, grim reality and exhilaration that our fill our days on the farm.

Books are currently available through my site