I was born in a mining town in South Wales and moved to Canberra, Australia at the age of four. From about that time on, I fell in love with food at my mother’s apron strings. For reasons long lost in the porridge of time I became a chef and a food critic, able to eat at the best restaurants in the land mostly at someone else’s expense. In 2008, after beginning to suspect that best produce in the land was eaten by people I’d never heard of, I moved from inner city Sydney to rural Tasmania where I breed pigs and grow brussels sprouts.


For nearly two decades I’ve been writing about food, and more recently I’ve been presenting a television show called Gourmet Farmer. I am a partner in a shop in Hobart called A Common Ground with a good mate, Nick Haddow. I have also authored eight books, the most recent being The Real Food Companion and Winter on the Farm and I have also co-authored (with Ross O’Meara and Nick Haddow) The Gourmet Farmer Deli Book.


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